Created at Outbox Incubator, WILD is a stem start-up, made by us, Bethany and Molly Westoby. We both get stressed when our phones run out of battery, like 92 percent of Britons. We decided to make a wearable to change this. We also would like to be eco-friendly down to our firm belief that the next generation should have clean and safe air to breathe. In addition to this getting active is important for many young people. Our idea evolved from these issues.

Wild is a band that when worn transfers kinetic energy to electrical energy so you can charge your phone through the power of movement. Wild works by energy harvesting. A kinetic energy harvester is a small box with a weight attached to a spring. When the spring moves, the mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy. If the spring moves with more force, or it bounces back and forth rapidly, more energy is produced.

Being in the Outbox house is an exciting experience. We have learned skills in personal branding, digital and design innovation, marketing, pitching, estimation, mindfulness and performance. On Demo Day we will be pitching for £3,500 in order to hire a designer and pay for prototyping. Further on in development we will also need help in outsourcing wearable materials.

We are two girls (14 & 12) from Southend on Sea who are aspiring entrepreneurs.

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