Intelligent Air Traffic Control (ATC) using the NuPIC implementation of Hierarchical Temporal Memory (HTM).

Air Traffic Controllers or Pilots could use WILCO-HTM in order to more intelligently plan and route aircraft flight traffic. HTM technology provides real-time on-line machine learning, prediction, and anomaly detection -- using algorithms that model the human brain (neocortex).

Under Heavy Development.

Example application being built for the Numenta HTM Challenge 2015.


Others welcome!

Please note: There are Numenta employees on this team, so this project is NOT eligible to win any prizes.

You may also be interested in a similar project: http://devpost.com/software/air-traffic-anomaly-detector


Trial: http://numenta.org/licenses/.


FlightStats provides a free 30-day trial to their real-time global flight API. It's easy to sign up online, and they activate new API keys quickly. Thanks!

As a backup, FlightAware has a similar API. Although not free, the pricing seems quite reasonable for building a demo.

FlightRadar24 is another possible datasource, but this is more of a scraping effort, not a public API.

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