We've came over with an idea to build a better wildlife community by gathering people to report illegal trades and discover endangered animals.

What it does

Wil Community is basically provided for public audience to:

  • Capture any suspicious behaviours and provide it to Society for the Protection of Animal Rights (S.P.A.R)
  • Asking about any inquiries related to specific type of animal, related events, or wildlife discovery and getting answers from some experts.
  • Getting point from a verified report, discovering a new animal, answering users questions and use these points for some real benefit including market vouchers, free tickets to animal tourist attractions and etc.

Challenges I ran into

  • Changing your point of perspective from technical perspective to marketing perspective realising how it be more attractive to the public to engage and help more in wild life.
  • Having small time to get an idea and validating it from different point of views than trying to make the best marketing strategies to help the idea to grow up.
  • Having no sufficient time to implement your idea in website or mobile app that work efficiently.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Making the first steps to build a wild life community and the tools that will encourage the community to connect and help the wildlife.

What I learned

We've gotten better knowledge about the wildlife and what they face against the humanity, we were always thinking about ourselves and we haven't been committed to their way of life.

What's next for Wil Community

Having more automated options to classify the reported images if its endangered, rare species or not. Auto detection and report animal trafficking.

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