I've always love to utilize technology in making students fall in love with their studies

What it does:

Using AI Web robot to download past questions, carryout research while utilizing tools like an online notes taker, counselling panels, animation tutorial videos, Math solving tools and quizzes are all made possible with the WikkiLearn EdTech platform!

How we built it:

WikkiLearn was built by Integrating cutting edge frontend, backend, API and database technologies for an innovative EdTech web application.

Challenges we ran into:

Finding the best API for some modules and needs, getting education resources and materials.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

Producing a worthy and innovative platform to reshape student revisions and examination preparations in Cameroon.

What we learned:

We learned a lot of new technological applications and how to integrate as a team for rapid application development.

What's next for WikkiLearn Web Application:

Making the online platform study robot also accessible through WhatsApp, for greater student reach and utilization, that is: Carryout research, define concepts and words, access and download past questions while chatting with the WhatsApp accessible robot - WikkiBot!

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