For many developers, Wikipedia is our go-to when learning new conceptual information. It allows easy previewing of Wikipedia information on a topic on the-fly. You don't even have to open a new tab, instead it displays an easy hover-able tool tip with the Wikipage abstract and a helpful jpg to go with it.

We thought this useful feature could also save you time even when you're not on Wikipedia, and will let you learn new topics you normally wouldn't bother to open a browser and scroll a webpage for, without changing anything about your workflow.

Take Wikipedia preview with you wherever you browse!

Hover, read, and learn, with our just-in-time Wikipedia extension.

What it does

It displays Wikipedia information on places, people, and things of your interest in your browser.

How we built it

With love, JS, Python, and a sprinkle of Google Cloud Natural Language Processing API. Some last minute full stack development.

See our thorough documentation linked below!

Challenges we ran into

The Chrome extension API does not readily support accessing window/document elements, but we overcame this issue by leveraging CSS functionality.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Teamwork and Collaboration of all members

What we learned

Google Cloud Authentication of services Heroku deployment and Servers Creating POST and GET requests endpoints Python Backends Full Stack Development CSS and JavaScript

What's next for WikiWiz!

A website for getting this out to the public. Publishing for real on Chrome Extension Market.

We were unfortunately unable to complete the project this hackathon, but will pursue its completion and open source availability in the following weeks.

Built With

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posted an update

Ran across a snag: Google Cloud extension requires authentication, which means, for a published Chrome extension, we would either have to host scripts to authenticate in a cloud server, such as Google "Cloud Function", and then have JS query this cloud backend, OR, our chosen route, we will change out way of extracting our coveted ambiguous terms, by allowing UI interaction on the side of the user. ![Error Message, Oh no.][] ![Alternate backend workflow, discussed with Google engineer but not pursued][]

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