What is it?

WikiTag is a fun interactive way to connect with a friend online. Choose a role as the hider or seeker and travel through the links of Wikipedia trying not to get caught.


Wikigame was a big inspiration for this project. We wanted to build something similar to it but giving a unique spin to the idea. Hide and seek is a game that we all have enjoyed as children, this is what inspired to combine these two great games into one simple online experience that you can play and connect with your friends.

How we built it

  • Firebase Authentication - Create user signins
  • Media Stream API - Take a screenshot of the user's current page to process
  • Ocurly Image to Text - Proccess screenshot information to find current page

Challenges we ran into

  • CORS - We could not connect directly to the IFrame to get what page the user was on.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Getting a working system in the short amount of time, as well as learning how to make websites dynamically as well as learning how to use Firebase Authentication.

What's next for WikiTag

We plan on getting the project hosted on an actual server so that multiple people could play at once, we also plan to get a faster image processing API to make the gameplay run more smoothly.

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