Wikipedia the collective intelligence of humanity is the perfect point of entry for misinformation.

What it does

It's a chrome extension disguised as a tool to make your browser faster, but secretly it replaces images, slightly alters dates and statistics - making humanity marginally less informed!

How we built it

We ran a script through a chrome extension to inspect wikipedia pages. The script finds the main image and uses clarifai to generate search terms in order to find similar images to inject. It also looks through the text for numbers and checks for dates and adds 10 years to dates very far in the past and increases other numbers by a proportionate amount.

Challenges we ran into

Getting images that were similar enough from flickr. Getting google image search to work. Keeping original images from showing before the alternative images load.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of how covert our app is. We shot down some ideas for replacing content because they would have been too obvious. We succeeded in hiding the page so that the user doesn't see the original information loading. We switch commonly misused words like "your/you're" and "their/they're."

What we learned

That bing image search is easier to use for chrome extensions than google image search. We learned a lot about writing chrome extensions.

What's next for wikisneaks

We're going add more word replacements and things that people might miss, like change all words with "ie" to "ei" and vice versa.

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