We wanted to create a fun, meaningful way to expand our knowledge about literally everything to do with a variety of topics, and we thought that using Wikipedia articles would be a convenient source of information.

What it does

WikiQuest presents itself as a simple, lightweight application that displays a random extract of some Wikipedia articles, and prompts the user to pick the correct title of the article displayed.

How we built it

We used jsoup in order to scrape paragraphs and titles of the Wikipedia articles, then created the mobile GUI using Android Studio.

Challenges we ran into

Android Studio presented many challenges when dealing with threading, as in order to scrape from the web we had to create a separate thread. Coding the GUI in Android Studio also proved a challenge, as placing elements and transitioning from activity to activity was very difficult to accomplish.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Using the jsoup API in order to scrape data off of Wikipedia articles was really cool, and building a workable GUI with no major errors was also very awesome.

What we learned

Android Studio and mobile development in general is more difficult than it looks at first, but is solvable with enough time. Also, there are many cool ways to use APIs in order to produce promising applications.

What's next for WikiQuest

Some things we have on our TODO list are:

  • Add timer
  • hint/other modes
  • intro
  • rating system
  • stat server
  • valid options/connection check
  • master server for updates
  • async loading
  • ios
  • loading screen
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