Wikipedia Game - Hack the North 2017

While creating this game, we decided to take a twist on the classic Wikipedia game that every child has undoubtedly played while growing up. The rules of the game is as follows:

  • a starting Wikipedia page is defined
  • an target Wikipedia page is defined
  • the player must start from the starting Wikipedia page and get to the target Wikipedia page whilst only clicking embedded links on each Wikipedia page
  • the goal of the game is to simply reduce the number of clicked links needed to get from the starting page to the target page

Our team decided to create a web app that requires the use of smart bots in order to solve the classic Wikipedia game with maximized efficiency. It also generates a graph to represent the path of the links that were clicked, and their respective proximity to the target link.

Getting Started


In order to get the project up and running on your machine, clone the repository and open up your Python terminal.


  1. cd into the main directory
  2. set
  3. set FLASK_DEBUG=1
  4. flask run
  5. Go to the address shown in the terminal

Built With

  • Datamuse API
  • Python
  • Flask
  • ChartJS
  • jQuery
  • HTML/CSS/Javascript
  • AJAX


  • Kevin Jin
  • Swagat Ghimire
  • Jay Weng
  • Jasmine Jian

See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.

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