Both OpenStreetMap and Wikimedia have openness as their philosophy. Also, Wikimedia content such as Wikipedia articles often can and have been improved with maps. Recently, OpenStreetMap have gained more attention in Wikimedia developer community because it allows interaction with the maps that static map images have not allowed.

What it does

The main idea of the prototype application is to allow user to edit OpenStreetMap and Wikimedia together. For example, the aim is to allow users to add Wikidata tags to the OpenStreetMap elements. Also, adding coordinates, for example, to Wikidata items is useful. Currently the prototype does not allow editing the real Wikimedia and OpenStreetMap sites, but viewing of the information is possible as well as making "fake edits". Also, other open data from various Nordic countries such as, and Flickr is shown to the user. This information is also useful when doing the OpenStreetMap and Wikimedia edits. Finally, the application can show places. helps to add information of wheelchair accessibility to OpenStreetMap. While editing OpenStreetMap and Wikimedia, why not consider also disabled people?

How we built it

The application is currently a mobile prototype built on top of the ionic framework. There is also a server that was needed to fetch data from some of the open data sources. Also, the server is needed for posting the data, for example, to Wikimedia when the author of the edits should be known.

Challenges we ran into

The Nordic open data is often provided via pages that are only in the language of the specific country. Luckily Google translate was often helpful. From a technical viewpoint, user authorization and data quality were considered a bit problematic issues, so for this prototype application only the main developer can authorize to make the edits and only to test sites of the Wikimedia ( and OpenStreetMap (

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are quite proud about starting collaboration between us two on Wikimedia and OpenStreetMap.

What we learned

The main developer learned a lot about OpenStreetMap and Wikimedia development. Also, Wikimedia developer community became more familiar with how OSM works and how items should be connected between the projects.

What's next for WikiOSMark

The collaboration on Wikimedia and OpenStreetMap development between the team will probably continue. Not necessarily directly with the prototype application but in other forms somewhat related to the topic.

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