We were inspired by news article exposing anonymous editing of controversial wikipedia pages by conflicted interest. Notable examples include members of Congress and the NYPD.

How it works

  1. Query wikipedia for revision histories
  2. Parse the results for anonymous ip addresses
  3. Do geo lookups on those ip addresses
  4. Plot the results on our site


  1. Wikipedia page suggestions
  2. Filter by time
  3. Multiple pages displayed at once
  4. View diffs
  5. Group revisions by location
  6. On demand data downloads
  7. Zooming and panning

Challenges I ran into

Sleep dep. Bugs. Merge conflicts. Apache.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of


What I learned

Dev Op is a noble profession.

What's next for wikimine

Correlate edits with current events at the time of editing.

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