Don't have a smartphone and want easy access to Wikipedia content, then Wikilio is here for you!

What it does

Uses Twilio to send text messages or images of content that you are searching for.

How we built it

We used Python as the foundation of our program while Wikipedia and Wikia provides the content for user searches.

Challenges we ran into

Large content loads slowly, but summaries and other search features are avaliable for a quick glance.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Not only do we have text, we also added image search features without the use of internet.

What we learned

We learned that internet is not always needed to access content often accessed on smartphones. The ability to explore and discover an encyclopedia and a plethora of topics do not require internet. This brings about new possibilites that have been overlooked in promoting learning and education for all users with any kind of phone.

What's next for Wikilio

We hope to ensure that page numbers for larger content will be displayed in order for users to make it easy to read! In addition, we hope to bring new databases beyond Wikipedia and Wikia!

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