As Wikipedia is one of the largest and most popular websites in the world, and with an intent of exploring the vast quantity of data it has to offer in mind, we figured that it would be an excellent source to base our implementation of an original spin on the classic Top Trumps game on.

What it does

Effectively a Top Trumps game where the stats of the card are based on a Wikipedia's page data such as number of images and links on the page.

How we built it

The server backend is powered by Bottle, a Python micro web-framework which is lightweight and quick to get a functioning server up and running. The frontend is predominantly built on the HTML5 canvas together with JavaScript.

Challenges we ran into

Generating an appropriate image for the cards since the name and link of the image were deeply nested in the JSON object

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The final end product

What we learned

Coding skills, especially the trouble of working with strings in Python 2; the set up process of heroku service and subsequently deploying the app there.

What's next for Wiki Trumps

As the current working game is generating cards based on a pre-defined list of article titles, the next goal to work towards would be to populate such a list randomly, which was always our intention if we had more time. Further, the game could potentially be made into a multi-player game or a single player game where the player competes against an AI computer player.

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