Honestly I don't even remember at this point.

What it does

Queries wikia websites and does different things depending on them

  • Sonic Fan Character - Tries to match query to the closest character on the sonic fan character wikia or just gives you a random one. :)
  • Sausages - Queries sausage wikia and gives info
  • VTuber - gives a popular article on the Virtual Youtuber wikia website. Future applications: asking for specific types like 'is a gamer' and 'speaks german'

How we built it

Backend uses python and acceses the wikia API to get JSON objects, and does a bunch of parsing to get the info. Front end is Flask and jinja templates, minimalistic. thers also some html i think

Challenges we ran into

  • time
  • incompetence
  • why dont the vtuber and superpower wikias have getassimplejson methods or any search api functionality at all??? im so confused

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • making a '''''''''website''''''' that is integrated
  • having a somewhat finished product
  • bringing the earnestness of sonic ocs and the joy of vtubers to the wider public. sausages are cool too

What we learned

  • wikia apis are weird and annoying
  • venvs are not as simple as you would like
  • flask/jinja is pretty good

What's next for wiki picki

  • actually getting it hosted somewhere
  • all wikias working
    • more wikis
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