We were inspired by what the platform could do and how awesome it would be to integrate it with the Messenger platform.

What it does

This project helps Facebook users to have access to information from Wikipedia with or without having data on their mobile phone using the help of Facebook free basic initiative, the Messenger platform and

How we built it

Our solution requires five major things:-

  • platform/ API
  • nodejs server
  • Facebook messenger API
  • Wikipedia API
  • A facebook page
  • Docusaurus (for documentation)

The platform would be used to train a model that selects the word to search for from an interrogative statement. A Facebook page would be created to allow users to interact with the created messenger bot (DevC Wiki) The nodejs server would be used to listen to chat event from the messenger bot that would be made. Once a question is asked by a user interacting with the bot on the DevC Wiki page, a message event is triggered on our server with details of the message. The Wit platform also provides us with an API that allows users to interact with the platform via an HTTP request. We would be training the platform to select words from the messenger chat which would be consumed by the Wikipedia API, we would also have to make a call to the platform providing the message from the chat using the API and the returned response provides the selected keywords from the message. Once the response is returned we would make an extra call to Wikipedia using the Wikipedia API, the returned information would be sent to the user on Messenger using the Messenger API. If no information is found on Wikipedia the user is also sent a "not found" response.

Challenges we ran into

We had issues making our build public. Facebook pages policy requires that we submit some business document before a messenger bot can be made public. So to test it, please send me your Facebook username at This would help me to add you under the available test account for access.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of the Fact that we were able to create a chatbot that gives users answers to questions. And our solution is also accessible to people without data with the help of the Facebook free basic initiative.

What we learned

We learnt a lot about Natural Language Processing(NLP) using the platform and also how to make a chatbot with the Messenger platform. We also learnt how to make use of another Facebook open-source tool (Docusaurus) to create a cool documentation website for our tutorial which you can find here docusaurus site

What's next for Wiki Education

We hope to be able to add more educational features to our solution, For instance being able to convert measurements in various units

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