Kids have a ton of energy and need to get their wiggles out once and a while. Wiggly Kids Alexa skill is a quick way for a parent or child to turn on a fun way to get their body moving.

What it does

When started with "Alexa, start wiggly kids". Alexa then streams the 3 minute 50 second clip that includes two fun workouts for kids. The first is a entertaining animal impersonation, and then a fun kids workout session.

How we built it

Used nodejs for the lambda and aws-sdk. Used the nice as a template for the skill.

Challenges we ran into

Making sure we get royalty free music to use for the background of the track.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Was able to get it across the finish line, and hope kids enjoy it as much as our daughter.

What we learned

Developing an Alexa skill isn't too hard. Little bit to get used to, but once you learn the basics it is fairly straightforward.

What's next for Wiggly Kids

Hopefully add more fun tracks, and give the users the ability to choose which tracks they would like to play. Perhaps have more tracks be contributed by others as well so we can have a big library of fun tracks for kids.

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