When we were brainstorming about what we should do, we decided that our project should take a conventional tool, and transform it into something a bit more useful. That was when one of our phones dropped out of HackMIT wifi and lost data connection.

What it does

WiFree is an app that helps the user send a text message to our number which sends back directions to the nearest (shortest time of travel) free wifi access point based.

Our app takes the GPS location, converts it into a SMS message, and sends that to our Twilio number. This is linked to our Google Cloud Server, which uses that location to find the nearest free Wifi locations on Foursquare. We check which location is the closest to the user’s, and then get the directions from Google Maps. Those directions are then sent to the user through SMS.

How we built it

  • Server hosted on Google Cloud.
  • Messaging with Twilio.
  • API received from Foursquare and Google Maps.
  • Android App uses Google Location Services and messaging apps.

Challenges we ran into

No existing sources of free wifi locations were reliable, comprehensive, and easy to access. Locations in FourSquare were not returned in order of travel time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works :) The server properly responds to our messages, returning the directions through SMS.

What we learned

Servers are complicated. Coordinating multiple APIs is a lot of work.

What's next for WiFree

Keeping everyone WiFree! Keep checking back for our PlayStore Link! Or if you can't wait, text [travelmode],[latitude],[longitude] to 415 853 1662. travelmode can be walking, driving, or transit.

Example: walking,42.3585,-71.0964

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