nwHacks 2018: WiFind


One of our team members is too stingy to pay for mobile data, so he has to hop across public wifi networks. He has to ask for passwords and manually connect to the network, as does everyone else who wants the wifi access.

What it does

The application allows for automatic wifi management. When the user connects to an open network, the credentials and GPS location are stored online and shared across all users of the same app. Any subsequent user will have the app autoconnect to the original open network within range. This creates a crowdsourced set of open Wifi networks.

How we built it

Blood, sweat, and tears. A little Google Firebase, a lot of Android.

Challenges we ran into

Difficulty in connecting to the Android system for wifi and GPS control.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Achieving our entire planned project!

What we learned

Friendship is magic :)

What's next for WiFind

Global domination, but we'll settle for improvement of automatic wifi credential sharing with specific friends so you can allow them to access specific private networks like your home wifi.

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