Our team was inspired by the news, stories, and articles about student's struggles with a lack of stable wifi during online learning. We recognized how these underprivileged communities of students weren’t provided equal opportunities as peers due to slow or nonexistent wifi connection. For instance, for thousands of students across the nation, bad Wi-Fi has stolen opportunities, impacted academics, and isolated people. In addition for low-income families which are at a higher risk of Wi-Fi instability; missing class can be extra devastating due to generally a lack of personal teacher-student attention in large schools. This was an issue a friend of ours faced during lockdown.

So knowing the devesting consequences and exclusion unstable Wi-Fi brings to students, we felt passionate about attempting to provide a solution.

What it does

Wifi Hunter is a non-internet dependant app that provides a map of free wifi hotspots for students with unstable internet connections.

How we built it

The app was built using expo react native and visual studio code. We also used YouTube to learn how to configure the map and locations with react native, free San Francisco wifi data sets we found online, and of course, a bookmarked react native developer doc.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into a lot of bugs such as setting up our workspace, manipulating the wifi hotspot data, and getting the google map to work. Yet through perseverance (and stack overflow), we were able to overcome the challenges thrown by the code.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the app idea and design, in addition to the enormous amount of determination needed to push through the mountain bugs.

What we learned

In addition to attending the amazing sheBUILD workshops about networking, GitHub, and empowerment, we also became more familiar with react native, debugging, and using data sets.

What's next for WifiHunter

We want to add more wifi datasets to the app while also making getting accurate phone, website, and location information. We didn't have enough time to connect the app to firebase, so in the future, we want to implement a backend for our app that stores user's data, login credentials, and saved information. Finally, we plan to implement a user-generated reviews system to rate the different wifi hotspots.

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