Not being able to log into xfinity hotspots when roaming around town. And wanting cryptocurrency.

What it does

Share your Wifi connection with people nearby and earn cryptocurrency whenever it's used. You get 100MB for free.

How we built it

We installed an open source operating system (OpenWRT) onto a new router, and built a server to run on it. This server sends new connections to our React web app,, which authenticates the device and awards 100 Wificoin for each new device. The router's server also tracks devices to monitor their bandwidth usage and prove data delivery. When someone uses your router's bandwidth, you get awarded proportional Wificoin, which appreciate when more people share their bandwidth.

Challenges we ran into

We completely bricked our router multiple times. Had to return one and get another.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We may have a demo that works.

What we learned

Programming embedded systems is hard. But we learned a ton about networking, router-level programming, and Hashgraph.

What's next for Wificoin

We need to make it more secure... it's very hackable at the moment. We also want to let people monitor their bandwidth and recover other devices using Facebook auth or Uport.

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