I had the idea to build this after lamenting the fact that most of the android devices today don't have IR Blasters and a lot of TVs don't support HDMI CEC. After looking into what products were available, I quickly discovered that I could make a solution that costs less than half of what was on the market today.

What it does

It uses a raspberry pi with a webserver on it to allow clients to connect to it via a web browser or iOS app. The raspberry pi is equipped with an IR transmitter and reciever allowing to to transmit codes to a nearby TV so the user can control their TV from an distance, as long as it is still on the local network, from their phone. The user can also teach this device to use any remote they want.

How we built it

We used prototyping tools to connect an IR led and reciever to the Pi's GPIO pins and put a webserver on the pi as well.

Challenges we ran into

Neither of us new how to use hardware like this, so it was a slow trial and error process to get the circuits working.

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