As a team representing Lamar University, we decided to create a business model for Athena Health. We do understand that, in case of emergencies, it is always better that the doctor has your information before hand so that he can keep the system ready prior to your arrival in-order to avoid delays. We know that every second is important when it is an emergency.

What it does

Our application Wide Awake, employs an Accelerometer, which would detect if your car is in a collision. Once confirmed, your information could be provided to the nearest healthcare system, so that they are well prepared before you arrive to their place.

How we built it

Challenges we ran into

We are a bunch of college kids who are completely new to the healthcare industry. Initially, while designing this system, we did not know the rules and protocols that could be needed to followed before having an access to the user's health information, so as we were getting updated with new and new regulations, we had to brainstorm ideas around considering those rules.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for WideAwake

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