While running ad spend for an Infusionsoft client trying to grow his business, we grew confused that the conversion tracking numbers inside of Facebook and AdWords did not match our Infusionsoft lead and sales. And then we got downright confused when we tried to connect the spend to the revenue.

What it does

We turn data confusion and frustration into clarity and control. We do this by providing precise ROI for every marketing effort a business takes. We make this process as easy as possible, and provide reports that don't just spit out numbers. They tell you what actions to take next, why to take them, and pinpoint where you can scale your business and what you need to stop wasting your precious time and money on.

How we built it

We use the APIs from Infusionsoft, Facebook, and Google. We aggregate and compute everything using 10,000 lines of database code inside of SQL Server in the Amazon Cloud. And then we deliver the information using a custom reporting front-end (re-built in November 2015) using javascript galore. We also have embedded to provide our users with contextual help on the reports they are looking at.

Challenges we ran into

Last year's entry into the battle was rushed and not solidified. We originally launched with a 3rd party dashboard presentation layer and it killed our performance and ability to grow our product. Also, we needed to invent a way to make tracking insanely easy, because simply using UTMs, or hoping the Infusionsoft web tracking code and ROI report works, is a fool's errand.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have invented a way for people to get precise ROI for all their hard work, in a way that gets customized without a programmer, to fit their business mode. Digital Marketer is a customer and they regularly tout us to their members and on their blog. Ryan Levesque (NY Times best-selling author and marketer) switched to Infusionsoft to use us. We've grown via word of mouth to over $20k MRR without advertising (just started). Instead of being satisfied with a good product, we've spent the past few months overhauling the ease of use to prepare for widespread adoption.

What we learned

Focus on making your existing customers happy, and never stop talking to your customers. Ease of use is critical.

What's next for Wicked Reports

Upgrading our low-end product to integrate and upgrade Infusionsoft's Lead Source reporting so that people can get cost data. Upgrading Lead Source reporting inside of Infusionsoft so that people get Lead Source data that is useful. It is not nearly enough to know that "Facebook" brought you customers! You need to know the audience you targeted, and the ad that attracted them...even the small guys need this. Because in any ad campaign, the 80/20 rule applies. And you can exponentially grow your business when you can match the message to the market.

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