I took inventory of my skills, passion, and market need in February 2014. It was very time-consuming and painful to try and get true Customer long term value data tracked back to any of the PPC ads I ran for clients.

Arms with spreadsheets and marcos and exports and saved reports, I was able to cobble something together IF everything went right, in about 6 hours per client. Not fun. Because as soon as I shared the data, they loved it and wanted it to be a regular thing.

My background is in data warehousing and large-applications at Motorola and a few other large companies. I love solving puzzles with data.

It occurred to me to solve this puzzle using a data warehouse approach, combined with automated API access to each of the major advertisers, and finally get data down to the click tied to Infusionsoft data.

The feature I am most proud of is the 3 different measures of customer long term value. You need to know when you first acquired someone on to your list and how much $ they end up spending over time. But you also need to know the most recent time they opted in for something you are offering. And then for every purchase, what actually stimulated them to pull the trigger and buy?

This information needs to be for source, campaign, medium, content, audience, keyword, split-page variant, time zone of user, and many other dimensions. Simply knowing a lead came from Facebook is useless. You have to know what offer, which campaign, how you targeted them, et al, in order to make a jedi-level decision on how to grow your business.

Now people can make decisions using data as evidence instead of using hunches. This helps businesses grow and that is what we try to do.

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