Team Members: Robin Sanders (SSE): Andre Ferreira (SSE):

Advisors: Dan Bogen: Carolyn Hochstadter: Rakesh Vohra:

Abstract: Fencing is an international Olympic sport that has been quickly gaining popularity in both the US and abroad with over 100,000 fencers in the US alone. Fencing has primarily been associated with higher income neighborhoods in the US, due to the notoriously expensive electric scoring equipment required to compete in the sport. Since electronic scoring was first introduced more than 60 years ago, the underlying technology has not changed in concept. Fencers are connected to a wired circuit with long wired reels in order to compute whether a fencer has scored or not. These electronic scoring machines cost anywhere from $1500 - $3000 each, making the average startup cost of a club’s equipment alone over $20,000. With Moore’s law continually minimizing the size of computer chips, our team has a more technologically modern solution to fencing scoring.

Introducing WiBo: The wireless fencing scoring system. With WiBO, we use embedded microcontroller technology to make fencing completely wireless by computing the analog scoring on tiny microchips and sending the result to a web and mobile application interface via Bluetooth Protocol. With WiBo, we expect to revolutionize fencing scoring worldwide, while simultaneously cutting the cost of virtually all competitors that sell archaic, non-wireless versions of our product.

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