Who We Are? Wi-Move Inc. is a collective of tech nerds, managers, marketers, and creators consistently innovating the way people use technology to connect with others through networks and interpersonal experiences.

What We Do? Wi-Move Inc. created a wearable sensor (Wi-Move sensor) that extends the reach of existing Wi-Fi networks.

Why We Do It? Currently in Brooklyn, the Wi-Fi network provides free Wi-Fi in areas bordered by Schermerhorn Street, Cadman Plaza West, Flatbush Avenue, and Tillary Street, along with limited spaces in NYCHA Ingersoll and Whitman Houses. This usage congestion causes the Wi-Fi connection to be weak and slow. Also, Brooklynites who don’t reside in these specified areas are unable to connect on to the Downtown Brooklyn Wi-Fi network. As a result, Brooklyn residents must use their mobile data to obtain Wi-Fi or pay for it. The Wi-Move sensor will allow all Brooklynites to use free Wi-Fi. In addition, the sensor eliminates congestion on Wi-Fi networks so that the connection is stronger, faster and more accessible. With the Wi-Move sensor, Wi-Fi becomes powered by the people…literally. Walk, jog, skate, or even ride your bike…whatever you do, just move around Brooklyn! How It Works?

Using Wi-Move mobile sensors, people can broaden the reach of existing Wi-Fi networks to provide their fellow Brooklynites with Wi-Fi connectivity. The Wi-move sensor repeats existing free Wi-Fi signals which helps expand the accessibility of free Wi-Fi networks while also reducing Wi-Fi network congestion. The sensor will connect individuals to the nearest free Wi-Fi network. As an individual keeps moving, the sensor will continuously connect that individual to the closet free Wi-Fi network. In this way, it tracks movement as individuals leave one free Wi-Fi network, and use another. No more worrying about lost Wi-Fi connectivity or slow Wi-Fi connection!

Why Does It Benefit You? • Community interaction • Promotions and discounts at local businesses through the Wi-Move platform • Increase in foot traffic for local businesses • Exercise • Less road congestion • Making a more sustainable Brooklyn

The Wi-Move sensor promotes community interaction by allowing people to help others maintain free and reliable Wi-Fi connection. Brooklynites can work together! Individuals also get rewarded for being on the move! As individuals move through Brooklyn, they pass through Wi-Move checkpoints that unleash promotional offerings and discounts on items at local businesses within the area. As a result, businesses can increase consumer traffic as well. Not only does Wi-Move encourage exercise, (walking, bicycling, roller-skating, etc.) it can reduce carbon foot print that cars and buses exude and alleviate road congestion! The most amazing part? We’re keeping Brooklyn alive! As the borough becomes the hotspot for more residents, tourists, and businesses, there’s a need to keep people connected in Brooklyn! Wi-Move sensors make this possible!

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