Wi$hList is a minimalistic smart budgeting app which calculates you how much you need to save a day to purchase an item based on the amount and intended date of purchase.


Develop a web application using Node.js with Express framework and MongoDB.


  1. Node.js
  2. Express
  3. Gulp
  4. MongoDB
  5. Mongoose
  6. JavaScript including the following libraries:
    • jQuery (including Ajax)
    • Handlebars.js
  7. Saas / CSS3
    • Materialize CSS framework
  8. HTML5
  9. Heroku Hosting / mLab for MongoDB

Key Features

  • Users can sign in and immediately add items to their Wi$hList
  • Users can add item, mark item as "done", revert the "done" action or delete item without any page refresh


Wi$hList App! (Best Viewed on a Mobile Device)

Dummy login details for access below:


Email: pudding@ga.co Password: pudding


Thanks to DT, Matt, JB and the iterm8s class for all the assistance and guidance!

This project was undertaken as part of the General Assembly WDI course.

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