Kids not taking care of “their” pets are a problem familiar to many families. After a month of affection, the child is more interested in new games, the dog becomes neglected and the parent is left with all the feeding and taking for walks. Wi-Fido is here to change that, in a transparent, non-intrusive and rewarding way!

What it does

Wi-Fido makes sure that the dog is fed, walked and played with by tracking it with BLE beacons. Events are extracted from the locations and motion patterns of the dog. Each time the child takes care of the dog it is rewarded with access to the home wifi for a limited amount of time and with a small amount of pocket money.

How we built it

The dog is tracked using a BLE tracking beacon. The beacon sends processed information about the dog to the cloud, which keeps track of the activity schedule for the dog such as feeding times and playtime. In our hackathon implementation we used one of the iBeacons placed in the venue and we modified an existing iOS app for for receiving the broadcasted BLE signal from the beacon. We made the cloud server using Python Flask and Google Compute Engine that stores information on the “quests” such as feeding and playing and updates their status based on information from the modified beacon receiver app. The quests are displayed on a website that we made which also displays the state of the rewards such as the pocket money payments and remaining home wifi access time. We also made a highly realistic canine simulator out of cardboard. A more serious implementation should use a reversed method of sensing the dog so that the dog does not carry a smartphone.

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge was to build and connect all the systems in the limited time of the hackathon. Also, as a team we had limited experience with developing Android/iOS apps, therfore we decided to make a website with equivalent functionality.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

We are proud of getting all the connected parts working together. Especially manage to working with the beacons to learn the position of our dog.

What we learned

Since no one of us is really familiar to work with web applications, it was a real challenge to make the web applikations. But we learned allot from it, both how to make a IOS app and putting together a application for the quests.

What’s next for Wi-Fido

Wi-Fido is a proof of concept application, designed to show how IOT can be used to gameify mundane tasks by giving small but frequent rewards/punishments that are more motivating than just gaining fictional game points. This is showing how easy and fun it could be to learn our kids to manage both their pocket money and do their tasks.

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