Whyqd is a data and knowledge query engine allowing you to create, visualise and share your own country risk analysis, rankings and ratings. Whyqd offers a straightforward solution to the process of organising, querying and conceptualising big data. It is designed very much as a working tool. Few special effects and a simple interface that presents you with an open query format. A shopping cart stores your choices and allows data segmentation. The sparklines which accompany all data presented in the system pack a great deal of information into a small space. The red line is the data for the country concerned. The grey region is the upper and lower limits of the scores of the countries you have selected as benchmarks. These visual references aid your understanding of the data context - what a particular number means next to the experiences of other places. A score above the median simply means "better than the benchmark"; not best, not even particularly good (if you're benchmarks are awful) - just better. Ditto "worse". Data is presented as individual country reports or as rankings of all the countries in the index relative to the benchmarks and indicators you have selected. Whyqd was created by Gavin Chait, of Whythawk, a small company which specialises in country risk analysis. Whyqd is designed to make data fun. To allow rapid comparisons, what-if speculative searching, and serendipitous connections. By allowing you to play, to find meaning and resolution in big data, I hope that you will enjoy analysis and produce better risk profiles.

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