Many people, especially young adults, who travel to new cities would have a hard time choosing what and where to eat. They also may have a hard time connecting with their culture in a new city. At the same time, many minority/local restaurants are currently struggling to compete against chains.

What it does

Our project is called Why We Eat, and we focus on helping groups of people decide where to eat, targeting local restaurants. Users can create and join groups and edit their settings to locate restaurants in a given city. Using the Yelp API, our web app has the ability to filter certain restaurants to target cultural significant cuisines for the users. Users will then individually rank restaurants (on a scale from 1 to 5) one at a time, which will then be compiled by our server. Users can also veto a restaurant if they are extremely against it. Once the rankings are complete, they will be presented on a results page, displaying the top three restaurant choices.

How we built it

We used react and next for the frontend and express.js in the backend. We dockerized our application and deployed the images to Google Cloud Run, using Google Artifact. We used DigitalOcean to host our redis database.

Challenges we ran into

Getting sockets to work was difficult. Since we all were working on different things, combining our work resulted in a lot of bugs.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to develop servers that can create rooms, join rooms, get data from the Yelp API, make a website to host it on, and a ranking algorithm that presents a beautiful results page.

What we learned

We learned to focus on our strengths and work and communicate together as a team. We realized that everyone had a role to play in the team and every piece of detail mattered.

What's next for Why We Eat

We plan on promoting the app to new college students so they can be familiarized more with their campus and the community around them.

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