The ethics of Artificial Intelligence are very interesting and the questions about what we should allow intelligent agents to do should be answered before we create them. I really want to raise awareness and get people thinking about these not only important, but very interesting questions.

How it works

It is a first person shooter/survival game developed with the Unreal Engine 3. The player plays the game from the position of the first ever artificially intelligent robot, who wakes up and doesn't understand why their so important. Or why everyone is trying to detain them.

Challenges I ran into

This was created by a inter-disciplinary team of 26 students over the course of just 9 weeks. We had many technical challenges, as we were all learning. However, we also had many challenges of getting a team of 26 different minds and experience levels to all come together and create 1 final product.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We created something and presented it in a way that wowed the faculty, judges, and other students.

What I learned

As the concept owner and co-project manager I learned more soft skills than technical skills. I learned how to better work on a team of vastly different people, being that I was the only American student on a team of all Dutch students studying disciplines that I hadn't worked much with previously (Artists, sound engineers, etc.).

What's next for Why: The Game

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