Inspiration: As we thought about the reasons why some of our own friends don't code, we realized that many of our friends weren't entirely sure what coding entails.

What it does: The point of #WhySheCodes is to provide insight into the ways in which our peers originally became interested in and involved with coding. The stories of our peers from this hackathon have been inspirational for us, and by sharing it we hope to inspire future coders and female leaders to code and create.

How we built it: We realized that one of the most powerful ways to reach our peers is through social media.

Challenges we ran into: Not having access to the internet was our teams' biggest challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: We were able to be creative about dealing with our greatest challenge by realizing that the most powerful thing we could do is speak to our own peers who were in the room with us, which didn't require an internet connection.

What we learned: We learned the different stories of our peers; it was interesting to see the different paths that led our peers to begin coding and brought us all to this hackathon today. Thinking about what our path may look like in the future as we continue to pursue our goals was inspirational as well.

What's next for Why She Codes: We hope to continue to interview our peers and share their stories with others.

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