The group came up with "Who's Santa" after our own group of friends had a secret Santa, and we struggled to find an application that would truly suffice our needs to run and complete secret Santa.

What it does

With our experience, we decided to create an app that would implement secret Santa traditions and make it easier for people.

How we built it

We used MongoDB with Node.JS and Mongoose for the back-end, while the front-end was built using HTML, SASS, JS.

Challenges we ran into & Accomplishments that we are proud of

One of the challenges was setting up MongoDB and User Auth due to everyone in the group being new to it, but it became our biggest accomplishment when we got it running.

What I learned

We were able to learn more about back-end, but specifically, the MongoDB databases, which none of us were familiar with.

What's next for WhosSanta

In the future, "Who's Santa" hopes to implement an Amazon API for the wish list, so customers are able to import their existing Amazon wishlists. In addition, the team wants to fix certain back-end bugs and introduce more user-friendly features.

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