Delta Squad has set their sights on another humanitarian project. "Who's Hungry" will help companies and people alike by cuting down on the unused food restaurants, grocery stores, and individuals throw out. With a touch of a button people can now share all their left over food. Use of this app will help cut down on the 133 billion pounds of food thrown out per year by grocery stores alone. Also cuts down on the normal charity process by going right from provider to consumer. Users will be able to select "share" or "eat" to pick if they are giving food away or coming to pick food up. "Who's Hungry" provides you with the addresses of the nearest "shares," shows you how to get there, and will help plan your route using your gps location.

How we built it

React-Native, Javascript, mobile platforms, google-maps-api, mongodb, aws

Challenges we ran into

New tech stack, time constraints, project scope, sleep deprivation

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Great idea, good planning, learning new techs, front end and getting the UI functional

What we learned

A lot!!!

What's next for WhosHungry

Continue developing the app and getting it in the worlds hands, start reducing food waste, feeding the hungry!!

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