Our apartment sees a lot of foot traffic. There are constantly people coming and going.

Technical Details

Our system uses near frequency communication (NFC) tags to log when people enter and exit the apartment. The data, which is read by a raspberry pi just inside the front door, uploads the data to a server which hosts a website that displays who is currently in the apartment. The website utilizes a minimalist look which reflects the simplicity with which the data is displayed.


One of our primary goals was to make the system user friendly, and we are extremely proud of the simplicity with which the system operates. It takes very little effort to simply raise a tag to the door, or to check the webpage and see the list of names.

Challenges We Ran Into

We initially wanted the page to automatically refresh with javascript, but were having lots of problems with our production server canceling Ajax calls.

Open-source string

HTML5-CSS3-Javascript-jQuery-Python-Django-PostgreSQL-Ubuntu Raspbian-Mifare-RC-522-Pyton-Adafruit-Python-char-LCD-SPI-PI-RPI-GPIO-Raspberry Pi-DigitalOcean-Nginx-Gunicorn-Material-UI

Built With

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