What is WhoPay -

WhoPay is an Web application to facilitate bill splitting for group outings or fund pooling. WhoPay makes use of OCR technology to quicken the process of bill splitting. Light weight, minimalist, mobile-friendly and collaborative, WhoPay is easy and intuitive to use. Try it out WhoPay <https://whopay.herokuapp.com/>_


  • CodeIgniter <https://codeigniter.com/docs>_
  • MySQL <https://www.mysql.com/products/workbench/>_
  • Bootswatch Paper <http://bootswatch.com/paper/>_
  • OCR <https://ocr.space/>_

Future works

Allowing P2P funds transfer and creating more reliable image to text OCR


The WhoPay team would like to thank NUS Hackers for organizing Hack & Roll 2016 and bringing us all the welfare and door gifts. Thank you to the judges for spending the time to review our app.

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