We were inspired by PoolTogether, the concept of DAOs and ProductHunt. Support community projects on ethereum (or any cool project) with your idle DAI, through fun and engaging DAO governance on Twitter. All whooping ideas are welcome to put proposals on our platform!

What it does

Deposit your DAI. Let your idle interest support community projects. Vote DAO style on twitter for your favourite project every 2 weeks. Interest from the pool is sent to the chosen community project for 2 weeks if selected by the DAO. Withdraw your original DAI at anytime.

How I built it

We didn't want to fork a DAO project as we thought it would be a lot of overheard to try make sense of what was going on. So we decided to build a DAO for the first time, trying to keep the governance as simple as possible. We then allowed users to cast votes through Twitter (if they first approve our back-end service as a proxyVoter for them).

Challenges I ran into

Devpost overwriting our entire write up. Approving LendingPool instead of LendingPoolCore. IPFS (surprise, surprise) Eating way too much and trying to still stay awake.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Built a DAO from scratch that users can interact with on Twitter. Learnt a lot about DeFi (our first DeFi integrations).

What I learned

London is rainy. Building stuff from scratch is really fun and rewarding.

What's next for WhoopTogether

Two words - production ready. We need to write loads more tests and audit our contract a bit more with fresh non-hackathon eyes. Otherwise we are super keen to move from Kovan to mainnet (this shouldn't take us more than a couple weeks).

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