One of our teammates received an interview project involving the use of a MySQL database, ASP.NET backend, and an Angular front end. SO, we wanted to do a project that involved these platforms.

What it does

It's supposed to allow users to log in and create playlists of songs that are then saved and associated with their account.

How we built it

We learned the basics of MySQL, ASP.NET, and Angular (from scratch) and we each took a piece of the project and put it all together.

Challenges we ran into

We spent FOREVER trying to get the database connected to our REST API.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Successfully connecting our MySQL database to our ASP.NET backend and creating a scalable backend.

What we learned

How to create and manage a MySql Database, build a REST API with C# ASP.NET Web Core, and use Angular to create the front-end. We had never done any of this before and it was a huge challenge.

What's next for WhoNeedsGoogleCloudPlatformkWhenYouHaveC#NotUsThatsWho

Use Google APIs when allowed because learning how to do the REST API was gnarly. Also, python.

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