Nowadays, people want to keep a good weight and body type. Also, in the American, the 33.8% adults are obesity. However, we always find the gyms are all full or there is no person who can play with us. As a result, it is always let us to be lazy for the exercise. As a result, we decide to make a android app which use the google map API and the Big Data.

What it does

We program a android app which is a gym app which can help us find the gym which is available and appointment the exercise. Also, we can find the the friends who can exercise with us nearby and appointment to make the exercise together.

How we built it

Firstly, two of our teammates make the Android app UI with the Android Studio. They make the each sides such as the log in screen and location find using google map API. Then they use that API to calculate the distance of the gym and other persons. What is more, the other two set up the web-service and app-service and make the Big Data work. We use the GBST, pandas to make the data analyze work and get a predict of the people in the each gym. Also, they use the data we get to give the people recommend to do the exercise together.

Challenges we ran into

1.we did not use the Google map API before, we use it first times

  1. the node of the connect with the database and app
  2. the error check of the database ## Accomplishments that we're proud of
  3. we use the GBDT to analyze the data
  4. we set up the app UI good and good at use the Google map API
  5. we use the database to store the Big Data
  6. we finish the functions which we expect have ## What we learned GBDT, google map API using in Android Studio, pandas ## What's next for Whole health
  7. we will make more and more data and may be we will set up a cloud to store this data in future
  8. prove the better algorithm to analyze the data
  9. set up a payment function for finding the gym teachers
  10. try to use the AI analyze method to get more smart analyze ways
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