Description and features

The WhoDis script executes a search query that detects and then compiles a list of location & contact info for unsecured GE PLC devices; the CSV file compiled will be ready for visualization.

  • Using open data sources, WhoDis collects any relevant open-source location/ownership metadata for an IP node.
  • WhoDis scrapes and exports data into a CSV format ready to be inserted into visualization applications.
  • Easy to extend.

This project addresses the OSINTICS challenge at GhostHack Atlanta.

Application's Potential Impact

Unsecured PLCs, industrial controllers for , or accessed by exposed ports, can become vectors of attack which have a varying degree of real-world impact. By using the WhoDis script to obtain data about these unsecured nodes, GE has a starting point to contact the owners of the devices (either directly or by proxy) to secure their PLC units and avert any real-world disasters or malfunctions.

*(PowerPoint for viewing in the image gallery.) *(Demonstration and presentation will be shown in person.)

Built With

  • gollang
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