We realized that nowadays we lose touch with friends as time passes and people get busy. We wanted to utilize indico and the power of machine learning to rekindle friendships in a fun and cool way.

What it does

Analyzes your Facebook data for Personality, Political Stance and Emotions. Renders the data through Graphs. Notifies you of Facebook friends that had similar results.


Utilize data to connect friends and rekindle friendships. Facebook has implemented many features such as posting image of a friend on their birthday or friendship anniversaries. User base grows exponentially as friends recommend other friends to try it out and compare results. Machine Learning and work done by Indico would spread through the power of social networks.

How we built it

We used iOS and swift as the front-end technologies. Utilized Facebook graph API to pull user data. Utilized indico API to analyze the data based for Personality, Political Stance and Emotions. Render the data through charts API for iOS. Utilized ruby-on-rails to develop the back-end and connect with indico due to its incompatibility with swift. Rails is also used to store user data such that users can be notified of friends that had similar results and rekindle friendships.

Challenges we ran into

Indico incompatibility with Swift. Unfamiliarity with ruby on rails and facebook api integration let to longer than expected completion time of tasks.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Working demo of the hack.

What we learned

Developing with multiple users on an xcode project and git can be quite hard to manage merge.

What's next for WhoAreYou

Utilize user data for recommendations such as relevant promotions, advertisement, groups. Enhance user experience.

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