We aimed to get a new perspective on the true personality of a person by representing it as abstract art (in painting or sound). To which degree can we influence the way other people perceive us? To what extend can the perception of the interpretating AI be compared to the perception of a real human being? Can we gain some new insight about a person's life, habits or behaviour by inspecting the resulting art?

What it does

With whoAmI you can upload your selfie and get a individually created abstract art picture of your emotions, encoded as colors and shapes. See your current state of mind in a new perspective!

How we built it

Microsoft Azure Face Detection API Synesketch based on Processing

Challenges we ran into

Teammembers had no extensive machine learning background

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Awesome art picture outputs

What we learned

How to handle Microsoft Face and emotion recognition API

What's next for whoAmI

Improvements at facial recognition system Binding sounds into whoAmI

Built With

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