Inspiration πŸ’‘

During the Pandemic all the young student classes were held online and their Physical activity were limited beside that learning was boring and monotonous. So we decided to make the learning process Fun ! By our project the young student will be engaged with memes and physical activity.

How we built it πŸ”¨

  • We used OpenCv and MediaPipe to detect the hand gesture and take the user input.
  • Built a CSV file to display the question for the quiz.
  • Added Memes to make it more engaging and fun to play.
  • After the Game is Over the user can view their result on Whatsapp with the help Twilio API that we used.
  • After the Game the user has to do REPS which is predefined.

Challenges we ran into 😩

  • Wanted to add sound in the memes but cannot because of the time constraint.
  • There were tons and tons of error while integrating with mediapipe and setting up the logics.
  • We were new to Twilio so it took some time to learn about API and stuff.
  • Couldn't found a API for free question so we had to add our own csv question.

πŸ†Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Managed to integrate API and send score on Whatsapp .
  • Make Learning Fun.
  • Also Encourages to do physical exercise while learning.

  • After 2 days of testing we even got a little buffed up πŸ˜‚

What we learnedπŸ“š

  • Learned a lot about Twilio and get so much knowledge in Computer Vision

What's next πŸ”œ

There a lot we are thinking about...

  • We are Planning To Add Time Limit For Each Question.
  • We Are Planning To Connect API To Feed Question .
  • Add more exercises
  • To send the question and answer which were answered wrong in Whatsapp

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