Teachers tend to have a hard time getting students involved in a topic. We wanted to create something with modern technology that could fill in the blank!

What it does

Basically, a user can log in using their amazon account tied to their Echo device to an online platform. Then, fill out an easy online questions and answers form. It will then shoot the questions to the Echo and with a simple voice invocation, Alexa will play Who Want's to be a Millionaire with a chosen player!

How I built it

Using the Amazon Alexa API, Node.js, PHP, HTML/CSS, MongoDB

Challenges I ran into

The usual debugging stages and staying awake! And of course...muchas testing! Developing without an Echo for the first 12 hours! Almost bought a one :O !

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We learned a whole new framework and finished the app in 24 hours!

What I learned

How to make an Echo Alexa Skill.

What's next for Who Wants To Be a Millionaire with Echo!

Polishing the App for a better user experience. Fixing bugs!

Built With

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