The inspiration is I would say is our experience within our school we go to Fannie lou hammer freedom high school and in the school we don't have diversity and we need diversity to be inspired.

The website allows us to show the school that have lack of diversity and try and make them more diversity.

How we built it is using all of the different sites that I had used to gather and align my information.

Challenges we ran into were trying to figure out the theme and how to get started with our topic. Another thing that was challenging was changing the background color of the page and trying to get the location exact.

Accomplishments, that would be to really just get the app working and and have people use it and enjoy it.

What we learned the we are able to do more than we can think if our mind is focused.

What's next for Who's Teaching Depending on which the app takes off or not we will keep trying and make this important.

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