Our web app, called WHO's Sick, is a website in which users can input their country of destination when then returns disease and vaccination information taken from the World Health Organization(WHO) database on prevalent health risks in the country of travel. The web app was implemented through the use of Bootstrap and Flask and takes advantage of the Wolfram API to calculate statistics such as country population, mortality rate, etc. The web app was inspired by the fact that all four of us team members have a passion for health related fields. We have a biochemistry major, a pre-pharmacy major and two computer science majors, both of whom have experience working and researching in health environments on our team, so it only made sense for us to create a health hack. Our target audience is anyone who is traveling to a country in which they have little or limited knowledge of the diseases/ health risks present. We are most proud of the data mining we were able to accomplish, allowing us to retrieve large amounts of data from the WHO. We are also proud of our unique implementation of the Wolfram API.

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