"Who's My Landlord?" is a collaborative open source project to make the public records of who owns the buildings of NYC more accessible and transparent, so we can all live in a more accountable city. Inspired by the investigative journalism of Elizabeth Dwoskin in her Village Voice article of the same name a founding team of journalists and coders began this project over a weekend at The Great Urban Hack NY in November. This submission for the NYCBigApps represents one way this underlying lookup tool can be presented to the public and we hope that it encourages other individuals and organizations to build on top of the project and extend the coverage to other cities. More about what is trying to be accomplish with this overall project can be found in our Knight Foundation News Challenge application.  Our goal is that names and contact information for owners, management companies and building superintendents for every building in NYC can eventually be viewed and linked together in single registry that is straightforward and usable for tenants, government workers, lawyers, and journalists who need access to this important data everyday. As it works now there are multiple departments in the city government that have varying degrees of accurate and timely data about the details of building ownership. One complication is the common business practice of wrapping a single building up in its own limited liability corporation based on the address name. One building owner could actually own 6 buildings, yet each one - in some city databases - would appear as its own independent owner and fail to reflect the ownership graph of how the properties are interconnected. This project is the beginning of a larger effort to comprehensively map the real estate ownership graph of New York City, and we need the help of others to expand that to the rest of this country and beyond.    BACKUP SITE: http://whoismylandlord.org 

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