Ever since schools shifted to online learning, I have been hearing and personally experiencing the difficulties of focusing on classes when you are taken away from school's learning environment. I wanted to build something that works as both an educational tool as well as keeps students focused and interested.
This need combined with the who done it theme led to Who's Clues. I went with a slightly more literal interpretation of theme - "who in history has done this?" Here are some clues to find out!

What it does

Who's Clues is a playable encyclopedia. You play as a famous character from a chosen domain (science/art) and you collect clues through a running game.
The clues help you figure out who the person you're playing is. The character design as well as the background of the game also help you along the way.
Through this, the player not only gets to play a fun relaxing game, they also pick up facts about characters without having to go through masses of text.

How I built it

Who's Clues is a web application built with HTML, CSS and Javascript. The game is built with Phaser, a desktop and mobile HTML game framework. Since I wanted the game to be easily accessible to anyone, I chose to build it as web application.
I got the required textures and sprites from (Thank God for open source designers)

Challenges I ran into

The first wall I hit was the fact that I had never built a game on any platform before. Figuring out how to use textures, sprites and animations took a substantial amount of time (they're deceivingly harder than they look for a novice).
I also started the project thinking I would design some of the sprites myself to make it more fitting to the idea I had in mind but due to time constraints, had to settle for "close enough" assets I could find.

Accomplishments that I am proud of

Figured out the basics of creating a game! The game actually runs and does what it's expected to.
Developed a new found interest in game design.

What's next for Who's clues

Short term future scope includes improving the game play of the current version of Who's Clues - this would include designing my own animations for the clues (instead of relying on only text based clues), make the character design closer to the actual person and smooth it out a little in terms of movement and camera view as seen in the video (or maybe it's just that hard to get a second Nobel prize)
My long term goals for this project is to hopefully make it open source and public so it can actually grow much faster in terms of characters. I would also like to expand it to other subjects that can be translated into games to make it an overall fun learning experience.

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