Although this years presidential election has gained much popularity recently, many people do not realize who they are voting for the presidency. With this application, we will quiz you to see if you really know the person you are voting for.

What it does

It first asks you who you support for the presidency. Then it will generate quotes and ask if the presidential candidate you stand for said what was in the quote. At the end, the results will show how many you got correct.

How we built it

We used HTML, Javascript, and CSS for styling. We used JQuery for generation of HTML code.

Challenges we ran into

Figuring out what to do our project on as well as how to implement/design this project. One big problem we ran into was how to keep the same javascript variable across multiple html files.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We eventually solved the problems stated above by using a single HTML file and generating all content using JQuery with Javascript. We also were able to fully create a website with the rest of the remaining members (as some went home and others napped).

What we learned

We thought developing a quiz website would be very simple. However, it ended up being very difficult. We learned many technologies along the way such as JSON to store data and JQuery to generate code. Many of us were new to javascript and web development in general.

What's next for who Quoted

We wanted to develop an icon to represent a candidate and color saturation to show the score. We also wanted to randomly generate the questions. It would be amazing to use machine learning to generate new questions. Another idea would be to use the theme of current events to further this project and test the general public if they knew their current events, rather than just politics.

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