What inspired you to create this?

We combined our love for video games, dogs, and programming in Python to create this game! We were also inspired to make this game because of the Zynga social media challenge theme!

What does it do?

The program takes user-inputted values to play a one on one game of a twist-off Battleship with a computer or another player.

How does it work?

We used many functions, incorporated user-inputted features, and gave players the option to play between a computer or their friend in a 1v1 round!

What challenges did you face?

Online Hackathons are not as easy as we thought; we ran into numerous technical issues while sharing our screens, code, and when creating our final video project. Although these are difficult times in COVID-19, we will get through this together as one and hopefully, conditions will get better by next year's SheHacks! We would like to thank all the mentors and leaders at SheHacks for pulling such an amazing event despite the minor tech difficulties we encountered, but hopefully, we will all see each other again in person for a regular hackathon!

What are your accomplishments?

Overall, we were proud of our accomplishments this weekend because we were able to unite our love for coding, gaming, and dogs all into one! We’re always looking for more opportunities to further build our programming skills, so thank you guys at SheHacks!

What did you learn this weekend?

We learned more about Python programming and got to experience many other amazing workshops this weekend.

Any other thoughts?

Thank you so much for this opportunity! We hope you all enjoyed this weekend as much as we did!

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